Thornbury Infrastructure Plan

Luke is running a campaign to make the Council design an infrastructure plan for the Thornbury.

The campaign is focusing on improvements for health services and community facilities, as well as upgrading and enhancing the town's transport and infrastructure.

Fighting the Joint Spatial Plan

As someone who has grown up in South Gloucestershire and is fully aware of the impacts inappropriate development can have on damaging the environment, placing strain on our public services and damaging the rural feel of our communities.

Upgrades for Thornbury, Yate and Frenchay Health

Luke has always championed the excellent work that health professionals conduct within South Gloucestershire and by growing up in South Gloucestershire he is fully aware of the demands that are placed on our local NHS facilities.

Get South Gloucestershire Moving

Luke has lived in South Gloucestershire his whole life and is fully aware of the various ways in which we need to move in and around South Gloucestershire.

Battling for Broadband: Chasing the final 4%

Due to the ever increasing interconnectable world that we all live Luke has always felt it is paramount that our rural towns and villages are not left with poor internet connection.