Campaigning to finally open the ‘Road to Nowhere’

The South Yate Link Road, or ‘Road to Nowhere’ is an unfinished stretch of dual carriageway in Yate, not open to vehicles, which was started and partially completed in the 1970s. It has since past been used to host film crews for TV shows such as Broadchurch and Casualty.

Plans to investigate the feasibility of completing the  South Yate Link Road, as part of  Luke’s wider “Get Yate Moving!” transport campaign,  has won the backing of the leader of Council Matthew Riddle, Local Conservatives, South Gloucestershire Council and over 85% of respondents recently surveyed in Yate.

Earlier this year, Luke took the case for completing the Road to Nowhere directly to the then Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osbourne, who said: "Luke has presented a strong and passionate case for investing in Yate’s infrastructure and completing the Road to Nowhere." raising hopes that the bid could attract Government funding and investment.

A bid has now been submitted for the necessary £500,000 to fund a full feasibility study.

The campaign has received a huge boost following a visit by Chancellor Phillip Hammond who said at the most recent meeting discussing the case for the roads completion  “Luke has presented the case for completing the unfinished road linking south Yate and Badminton Road, powerfully, I look forward to working with him to see how we can improve in infrastructure in and around Yate”.

Responding to the Chancellors comments, Luke said “I am delighted that the Chancellor agrees that there is a powerful case to be made for investing in our local infrastructure and that he will be working with me on my local transport campaign. I am however absolutely clear that it is paramount that any work done on the feasibility of completing the road to nowhere is done of the basis of protecting the common that is so valued by our community”.

If you would like to have your opinions about transport in Yate heard, please do not hesitate to fill in the 'Get Yate Moving' survey which can be found on the website's home page