Petition launched for Cromhall School Bus service by Luke Hall


Local man and MP, Luke Hall, has kick started his petition asking for a rethink on the council's Cromhalls School transport provision this week after parents in the area have got in touch explaining the pressure the current policy is placing on families. 


The current Cromhall policy based upon statutory yet arbitrary distance radius’s means that some parts of the village are able to use the Council chartered bus whilst others have the pressure of having to rearrange work commitments to ensure their children can get to school on time each day.


The petition which calls on the Council’s Children and Young Persons committee to revisit the policy asks that the committee looks into ways in which all children in the village might have the opportunity to use the bus either as part of the current free or concession service but with extra capacity for those able to pay for a fare.


Local MP Luke, after writing to residents in the village said;


 “Many parents have got in touch to tell me that the current provision isn’t working for families in Cromhall. At times the bus is empty and at other times students that can walk to the bus stop are not being able to use it. This means the children having to rely on parents who are having rearrange their mornings and evenings to get their children to and from school. I am hoping that this petition will demonstrate the strength of feeling on this issue in the Cromhall Community


The petition is set to run until after the New Year giving parents the opportunity to back the call for a rethink.




The petition can be signed the following ways;




  • By phone on 01454 423 001

  • By email to 

  • By filling out the online petition below, please click "Next" to enter your details.