Thornbury Health Centre Redevelopment

Local MP Luke Hall has been campaigning for and supporting plans to redevelop Thornbury Health Centre.

This redevelopment is one of Luke’s key local initiatives and he has been campaigning for it even before his appointment as Thornbury and Yate’s Member of Parliament.

The Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, is committed to visit Thornbury in the near future to attend a meeting, along with Local Health Services, concerning the future of the Health Centre. Luke is hoping to achieve a co-ordinated approach and believes that the Health Secretary’s presence could be a great help in achieving this.

With new pressures due to housing growth and rising population within Thornbury, Luke has said that the town is “crying out for redevelopment”

Regarding the proposed redevelopment itself, there is a focus on increasing capacity and capability of community and primary care services to support people at home. Luke feels that the re-provision of Thornbury Health Centre would therefore compliment new community services to be provided to Thornbury Hospital. These improvements are a part of a wider ambition to grow and improve the local health services both within Thornbury and in its surrounding areas.


For more information on the plans to further develop Thornbury Hospital, please visit the following link: