1000th South Gloucestershire resident visits Parliament, in Luke Hall MP’s latest Westminster trip

This week saw Local MP Luke Hall reach a new milestone with the latest in his series of trips to the Houses of Parliament for local constituents, as the 1000th guest came to Westminster. Monday’s tour saw a further 50 residents have the opportunity to visit the heart of British democracy.

Upon arriving in London, residents were given a full tour of the Palace of Westminster by a professional guide, and were then brought into the Westminster Hall debating chamber where they were able to grill their own local MP, Luke Hall, in a 45-minute Question and Answer session. Guests had the chance to learn more about the day-to-day life of a Member of Parliament, and gain an insight into the finer workings of the British Parliamentary process, as well as hold their elected representative to account on a range of matters of both local and national importance.

Finally, the day was rounded off with a visit to the House of Commons Terrace, and residents were able to witness just a small portion of the breath-taking scenery that London has to offer, before returning back to Yate.

Luke regularly uploads photographs from his latest trips to his Facebook page, and this visit appeared to be a great success with residents. One attendee, Mr John Hardy, commented; “My Wife and I were in the party to visit Houses of Parliament today. We thoroughly enjoyed it. When you get the invite just accept. A brilliant day from start to finish”

Plans are already beginning to take shape for future visits from a number of other towns and villages across the constituency, which will take place in 2019, and Luke is keen to ensure that everybody who wants the opportunity to participate in a tour will be able to do so.

Speaking about the day Luke said; “I am delighted that I have had the chance to bring 1000 local residents to Westminster to experience first-hand one of the most historic buildings anywhere in the world. It has been an honour to meet with each of them personally and to be able to discuss the issues which matter to them most. As a resident of Yate myself, I was particularly thrilled that the 1000th visitor should be one of my closest neighbours, and I look forward to meeting many thousands more people in the coming weeks, months and years.”