Falfield residents’ concerns addressed by the Minister

Residents of Falfield recently welcomed a response from the Ministry of Justice which addressed their concerns about various ongoing issues with street lighting and general maintenance around the village. The issues had been affecting residents around the Eastwood Park prison area for a long time.

Falfield residents had previously expressed their concerns about the safety of people living near the prison, who have had to deal with faulty street lighting and dark spots around the main streets in the village since 2014. Local residents were also concerned about overhanging trees and the potential damage to nearby properties due to high or strong winds.

Falfield residents and members of the local Residents Association have been working with the local MP in the past few months to press the Ministry of Justice, which manages the estates, to take their concerns seriously. Local residents were therefore now delighted to see that the HM Prison and Probation Service have agreed to meet the costs of the repairs to the street lighting, with works estimated to be completed by the end of May.

Local residents also welcomed the announcement that officials from the Ministry of Justice are now prepared to meet with the Residents’ Association to discuss other issues affecting people living on the Eastwood Park Estate such as their concerns about the upkeep of local roads, and hope this will mean such maintenance problems can be prevented in the future.

Veronica Stanley of the Residents Group said: “Church Avenue & Eastley Close in Falfield have had a major problem regarding street lighting for years. The Residents Association turned to Luke Hall to gain support, and it is great to see that the work will now be completed very soon. We look forward to meeting with officials to discuss these issues in greater depth”.

Luke Hall commented: “I decided to raise residents’ concerns after hearing about the ongoing problems they are facing in the village. As a local man I believe it is crucial these maintenance issues and residents’ long-standing concerns are addressed. I am delighted to hear that street lighting repairs will now be carried out as soon as possible and that residents will soon get the chance to meet with officials to discuss these issues”.