Iron Acton’s water woes resolved following MP intervention

Local gardeners and allotment owners were facing an increasing challenge in Iron Acton, as the water pressure surrounding the village’s allotments continued to drop.

As the temperature continued to soar across South Gloucestershire, residents were finding it ever more difficult to water their crops and maintain their allotments in the searing heat.

Luke, who grew up in rural South Gloucestershire, was quick to act after hearing about the problems with the village’s water pressure and contacted Bristol Water asking for an urgent investigation.

Following Luke’s intervention, Bristol Water made a hasty visit to the allotments to assess the issue and carried out the necessary action.

“I would like to thank Bristol Water for looking into this issue so quickly,” said the local MP. “I was very concerned to hear about the problems local residents were experiencing at the Iron Acton allotments, especially during this heatwave and wish the community well with this year’s growing.”

Meanwhile, the Government is encouraging water companies in South Gloucestershire and across the UK to increase their investment in maintaining and preserving the natural environment.

As part of the Government’s Water Industry National Environment Programme, further investment, of up to £5 billion by 2025, will help protect and improve natural waterways and biodiversity, whilst addressing low flows due to chemical and nutrient pollution.