Planned improvements for Thornbury Sailing Club have had to be put on hold, as the Club seeks to address a drainage issue at the site. The difficulty has arisen following an impasse with the Environment Agency, as the Club seek to upgrade their system to the EA’s 2020 standards.

Local MP, Luke Hall, has now stepped in to support the Club and help obtain necessary records believed to be held by Wessex Water. The MP urgently met with Sue Leat, Commodore, & Barry Leat, Club President, to discuss the situation in more detail, whilst finding out more about the Club, which welcomes large numbers of sailors from Oldbury and Thornbury, and as far as Wales.

As well as writing personally to the Executive of Wessex Water, Luke has also raised the situation with South Gloucestershire Council, to ask for any intervention and assistance the local authority could offer.

Luke said, “Thornbury Sailing Club is much loved in our community, and in the year the Club celebrates in 70th anniversary, Barry and Sue are continuing to do amazing work for everyone affiliated with the Club. Together we are pushing for a solution to the current issues the Club is experiencing and will make sure this local Club continues to thrive.”

Thornbury Sailing Club is based in Oldbury-on Severn, offering a wide range of sailing experiences and warmly welcomes new members to the Club. More information can be found at: