NO to 35% expansion of Chipping Sodbury

A developer is proposing to build 725 new houses on the land east of St. John’s Way in Chipping Sodbury, increasing the number of homes in the town by 35% in one application.

We understand that Chipping Sodbury does not have the infrastructure to support such a large development and are calling on South Gloucestershire Council to reject these plans.

More than doubling the number of houses along St John’s Way would increase pressure on schools, health services and our local road network. The proposals would also create more congestion and raise issues about road safety and the impact on local pollution levels.

There are also serious concerns about the development’s proximity to the River Frome and the significant possibility of flooding, as well as its impact on our local ecosystem and natural habitats.

We need your views on this development so we can demonstrate the community’s views clearly to decision makers at South Gloucestershire Council.

If you can fill in the 60-second survey, we can fight these proposals to expand Chipping Sodbury by 35% together as a community: