Numerous Frampton Cotterell residents have been in touch with local MP Luke Hall to report their concerns with fly tipping around the village. In particular, local people have become concerns with fly tipping near Frampton End Farm in Frampton Cotterell.  


Subsequently, Luke Hall MP contacted the council, who immediately cleared the illegal waste and reassured residents that evidence has been gathered as part of an ongoing investigation into this illegal activity.


South Gloucestershire Council are asking local people to get in touch if they find any fly tipped waste, and include as much information as possible. This should include the description of any vehicles involved in the tipping – make, model, colour, signage, registration, the location of fly tipping incident and date/time of incident if witnessed, the description of the material tipped, the description of any people seen tipping and photographic evidence if it is safe to obtain.


Reporting Fly Tipping can be done at


To dispose of your waste correctly we must all either take our waste to a Sort it recycling centre, book a bulky waste collection service or use a registered waste carrier to dispose of your waste.


South Gloucestershire Council have the lowest numbers of large-scale fly-tipping incidents for the region, with the number of major incidents halved in the last two financial years.


Luke Hall Commented:


“In order to keep South Gloucestershire one of the most beautiful places in the country, it is absolutely vital that we all do our bit by disposing of our waste responsibility. If anyone has any concerns about Fly Tipping in their local area, then I encourage them to report it via the Council’s portal, or get in touch with me directly, where I would be more than happy to raise on their behalf. We must work together to crack down on this illegal activity.”