Luke Hall MP Calls for More Local NHS Funding

On Tuesday 14th July Luke Hall, the local Member of Parliament for Thornbury, Yate, and the surrounding villages, spoke in Westminster Hall to call on the government to equalise funding for healthcare in South Gloucestershire.

In his speech Luke spoke in support of the efforts of South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group to provide additional services to support elderly residents, and particularly to improve services for conditions such as dementia. He also spoke in support of the Conservatives’ seven-day service plan for the National Health Service, identifying Yate Minor Injuries Unit, the excellent local service which has recently been awarded a new 10-year contract, as a resource which would benefit the community by extending weekend opening hours.

South Gloucestershire currently receives substantially less funding per person than neighbouring areas, receiving £273 per household in funding than Bristol. While funding is scheduled to rise by 0.7% next year above inflation, Luke Hall believes South Gloucestershire still needs further funding increases to ensure local people receive the services they deserve.

Speaking in the debate Luke said:

“I do welcome the CCG’s announcement that they have recently signed a new 10-year contract with Sirona Healthcare to continue providing services at Yate Minor Injuries Unit, a fantastic resource for local people in my constituency. It has been a great relief to a large number of people across Thornbury and Yate.”

“I do appreciate the raise that we are receiving, but it is quite clear that we are inadequately represented in our funding.”

Speaking about the provision of rehabilitation and reablement services, Luke said:

“I can assure the Minister, and my constituents, that I will be working with all of the relevant bodies, including the CCG, NHS England, and South Gloucestershire to ensure that these services are delivered to Thornbury. This emphasis will ensure that my constituents receive the care they need to remain active members of our local community.”

Luke's speech can be viewed by clicking here.