Luke Hall welcomes the Foreign Secretary to Thornbury

Luke Hall welcomed the Foreign Secretary; Phillip Hammond MP to Essilor in Thornbury; one of South Gloucestershire’s largest employers, to discuss what the government can do to support businesses expand and grow their workforce.

Speaking after the visit the Foreign Secretary added: "It was a pleasure to visit Essilor in Thornbury with the prospective MP, Luke Hall. As one of the biggest employers in South Gloucestershire, I was delighted to hear how the economic recovery has allowed Essilor to continue to employ more young apprentices.

"The Conservatives have pledged to create 3 million more apprenticeships over the next Parliament, but it is vital that Luke Hall wins in Thornbury and Yate to help secure a Conservative government that can deliver those career opportunities for young people.”

Luke Hall said: "I was delighted to welcome the Foreign Secretary to Thornbury. He has demonstrated how important this seat is in forming a Conservative majority government. This seat is vital in deciding whether David Cameron or Ed Miliband will be the next Prime Minister."