Luke’s ‘Mind the broadband Gaps’ Campaign

As our Local MP and as someone who has grew up in rural South Gloucestershire I truly understand the importance of what a difference it makes to being connected to a reliable internet connection and what it can mean for our villages, hamlets and rural communities that are not.

From those vital small businesses who support our rural economies, to the schoolchildren who need access to a wide range of online resources for their homework and to the families and others who simply just want a decent speed of connection to make use of Netflix, IPlayer or to order the weekly shop – the lack of a decent connection to fast broadband can impact us all.

As our MP I have been fighting for better broadband in our area, pressing Ministers on the method of delivering connections such as Fibre to the Premises for greater speeds, raising concerns over the timetable for the rollout with BT Open reach and working with Conservative-run South Gloucestershire Council to make sure our most rural hamlets are heard at the table when areas area being decided for upgrade.

There have been some great recent news on the extension of the roll out programme as the programme aims to reach 95 % of South Gloucestershire with a minimum connection as well as the introduction of more reliable Fibre to the Property to get to the most hard to reach areas.

However, I am also aware that more can be done, and that’s where I need your help. On this page I have put together a short 60 second survey asking for your help in identifying the gaps that myself and local campaigners should press for upgrade in the next phases. The information gained from the survey will help me make the case to Government, South Gloucestershire Council and BT for more areas to be included.

As ever, I will continue to press for this important government backed scheme to get our area connected.

With best wishes,