MP meets with local apprenticeship winner to discuss opportunities in South Gloucestershire

Luke Hall MP recently met with local resident Ben Townsend, who earlier this year won the Intermediate & Advanced First Year Apprentice Award at the EEF Future Manufacturing Awards.

After hearing about his success, Luke was keen to meet with Ben to discuss his achievements and to hear more about the important role apprenticeships play in our local community. In particular, Luke and Ben spoke about efforts to increase the availability of apprenticeships, and shared thoughts on the best ways to get more people to take up these valuable and rewarding placements.

Following his meeting with Luke, Ben said, “People are beginning to appreciate the countless opportunities apprenticeships can offer.”

Discussing his own experience, Ben continued, “Not only has my confidence increased, but I am learning skills no text book could ever teach; skills I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I would absolutely recommend an apprenticeship”

“It was a pleasure to meet Ben and to take some time to discuss how we can do more to promote apprenticeships here in South Gloucestershire”, said Luke. “Ben is a terrific advocate for young apprentices and am grateful for all he is doing to encourage more people to take up apprenticeships in our local area”.

Here in Thornbury and Yate, the number of people entering apprenticeships has continued to grow, with over 2,200 apprenticeships starts in the last 4 years. The Government has already overseen the biggest ever boost to apprenticeships, with over 2 million apprenticeship starts since 2010. Furthermore, the Department for Education has previously announced that in total, more than £60 million will be invested in supporting the training of apprentices.