MP pushes forward with campaign for improved Thornbury Health Centre

Local MP, Luke Hall has stepped up his campaign to see an improved Thornbury Health Centre this week by calling upon the Secretary of State for Health, Matthew Hancock MP, to support the submissions of the local Health Chiefs, to enhance the level of funding for Thornbury Health Centre.

Thornbury Health Centre has seen almost a decade of delay and false starts. Which is why, Local MP Luke Hall has always fiercely campaigned for the Health Centre’s services to be improved.

Since the MP’s election in 2015 there have been significant tangible progressions made which include some very notable mile stones during this two yearlong campaign. Some of the notable miles stones of the campaign include:

* Raising the issue on multiple occasions in the House of Commons with Health Ministers 

* Securing an extra £100,000 fund to begin looking into the possibility of rebuilding Thornbury Health Centre.

* Ensuring that the project was established as the focus point for the Department of Health, securing two visits form the Health Secretary to visit the centre over the last 2 years.

* Tireless working alongside Conservative Councillors to keep pressing local decisions makers to ensure that the Thornbury Health Centre continues to remain firmly on the agenda.

Luke recently met with the new Secretary of Health to discuss the plans to develop Thornbury’s Health Centre.

Furthermore, Luke Hall MP has written to the Minister stating his support for the Health Chief’s submission for the required cash to enact the plans.

The plans specifically prioritise key capital investments within the constituency and South Gloucestershire which are as followed: 

* A new 10 million Thornbury Primary care and Health hub 

* A Frenchay Care Hub of excellence (rehabilitation) 

* An enhancement of Yate Minor Injuries unit as an urgent care centre.

It is hoped that this new offer will see a significant improvement into the development of Thornbury’s Health Centre to ensure we see an improvement into local health services.

Local MP Luke Hall said

“As a South Gloucestershire resident who was born in Southmead Hospital and uses our local health services, I want to ensure that we have a Health Centre that provides the services and support Thornbury requires and deserves. We must continue to maintain the pressure upon both South Gloucestershire Council and the Government. Which is why I am determined to continue pressing the minister for the cash to deliver on these plans.”